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Party Circle Icebreaker

This icebreaker is part name game and part Duck Duck Goose. There is a lot of handshaking and introductions going on, so this game would be a good youth group activity for a meeting with new members.

For this game, two people introduce themselves three times, run to the opposite side of the circle and say nice to meet you three times, and then run back to the original spot. All of the handshaking makes this a very silly game.

For a fun variation, change up the way they run around the circle each time – skipping,  hopping on one foot, backwards, eyes closed, etc. Be creative!

Party Circle Icebreaker






  1. Have the group stand in a circle.
  2. Decide if the people will run, skip, hop, heel to toe, etc. around the circle.
  3. One person will be “The Host”. The first host will volunteer for this role. In this example, the host’s name is Bob.
  4. The host goes around the outside of the circle and taps somebody on the shoulder. In this example, the person’s name is Sarah.
  5. Then the host introduces himself to the selected person and shakes hands: “Hello, my name is Bob”.
  6. The selected person then does the same: “Hello, my name is Sarah”.
  7. They repeat the shake hands and introduction as if they didn’t hear each other the first time. “Hello, my name is Bob.” “Hello, my name is Sarah.”
  8. They repeat this a third time. “Hello, my name is Bob.” “Hello, my name is Sarah.”
  9. At this time they go around the circle in the manner which was selected in step 2, similar to Duck Duck Goose.
  10. But, when they cross paths on the opposite sides, they must stop and shake hands three times again. This time they say “Nice to meet you Sarah” and “Nice to meet you Bob” each time they shake hands.
  11. After shaking hands three times, they continue around the circle until they get back to the place vacated by “Sarah”.  Whoever gets there last is The Host for the next round.
  12. Continue playing this way, choosing a different method of running around the circle each time.



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