friendly girls shaking hands on an isolated white background

Party Circle Icebreaker

This icebreaker is part name game and part Duck Duck Goose. There is a lot of handshaking and introductions going on, so this game would be a good youth group activity for a meeting with new members.

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friendship, youth, gesture and people - group of smiling teenagers in a circle showing thumbs up

Human Knot Game

You might know that Pope Francis has promoted devotion to Mary “Our Lady Untier of Knots”. The Human Knot game is a fun activity to add into a teaching about this devotion. Since it is a cooperative game also makes…

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Assumption of the Virgin Mary, painting on the church altar

Assumption Activity: Assumption Shortcakes

This dessert recipe is an Assumption activity to celebrate the Assumption of Mary. Each part of the recipe represents something about the feast. (See below.) You can use your favorite shortcake recipe. Or use the simple recipe below which uses…

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Close-up of pile of hands of teenagers


Welcome to STL Catholic Youth! The purpose of this site is to provide a community to showcase events and information for Catholic youth in the St. Louis area.

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